About Us

In 2009 SOUL Bikes produced their first full carbon clincher deep section rims, the C5.0. Since then, they have designed, and owned most of their aluminium and carbon rims, from the S2.0 rims which are 23 x 22mm depth to their tubular rims for the C6.0 which are 23 x 62mm depth, for which they have also obtained UCI approval.

From the inception of the business, they have offered one of the lightest production clincher wheelsets in the S2.0SL and have one of the deepest aluminium clincher wheelsets in the S4.0. This is no minor feat considering the S2.0s are now 1280-1300g and features a 23mm wide rim. The wheel models’ names have generally followed through the design evolution. This means that the S3.0s and S2.0s have been around since 2004, and have been slowly updated and improved over time. This is something SOUL bikes are proud of as they constantly try to improve their products, whether it’s a complete redesign or just a minor tweak like adding rimplugs instead of tape to reduce rotational weight, another new item for the year.

On this website you will find affordable lightweight wheelsets with durability, stiffness and lightness as attributes that are heavily considered. You will also find a careful attention to detail in the design of the frames and components.

Some of their designs have been featured in magazines. Online communities have given them great feedback for the quality of the products.

Our bikes are ridden and raced at very high level competitions, from multi stage Tours in Thailand, to even the Etape in France. With the addition of our C5.0T and C6.oT to the UCI’s list of approved wheels, you will see more of our wheels in races across the world.

We don’t just design; we ride and race our own frames, wheels and components. It forms an integral part of our product testing and design process. We have rejected a lot of products, applying the same high standards to even of our own designs. We feel that the constant refinement of our frames, wheelsets and components are at the core of our products and is what sets us apart from others. The products that we design are generally driven by what real cyclists want and need instead of what other brands are interested in pushing.

We believe that the SOUL of a bicycle is indeed in its design.