About Us

Who is SOUL Bikes

SOUL Bikes was created in 2004 by Sean Wai. It was started literally in the garage of a friend’s rented house, then moved to the upstairs of another friend’s perfume shop. SOUL Bikes now operate out of their own Singapore office, and warehouse all standard built wheels in Taichung, Taiwan and have a growing list of distributors throughout the world, who carry and support the brand.

As a trained architect and avid cyclist who is also a perfectionist in both function and aesthetics, Sean started SOUL Bikes with the intention of designing lightweight, durable and stiff wheelsets, frames and components at a pricepoint affordable to most.

When I started this business, all I wanted was to have a race worthy bicycle that didn’t break my bank account. I wanted a wheelset that I could ride/ train/ race, and there was really nothing available then.

Nowadays what drives me are the thoughts I get when I’m just out riding or racing and thinking…. hmmm, wouldn’t it be better if this is changed or that can be improved?

Till today, the motto has always been Between You and the Road, characterizing the unique connection between human and machine.

What is SOUL Bikes

SOUL Bikes was born from a need for custom titanium frames and high end wheelsets that were cost effective and affordable.

It started by offering titanium frames, custom sizing services and high end road wheelsets for training and racing. It is now better known for great wheelsets as market forces have forced the shrinkage of the custom frame market and the reduction in popularity of titanium as a frame material choice.

SOUL bikes were the first company in Asia to design a 6a/4v grade titanium frame. Although no longer offering this material, the Destiny 2013 has benefited heavily from what they learnt from the original designs, but is now even stiffer, more cost effective and lighter, as it uses a tapered steerer fork, PF30, and oversized tubing, all modern standards now. The Faith brings all these features to a more affordable aluminium frame package. The Fenix is one of the few triathlon/ time-trial frames available in titanium, the rarity easily explained by the complexity of creating internal cable routing and aerodynamic shapes and profiles with titanium.

The wheelsets are constantly being tweaked and improved. The company took a big plunge in 2008 when it decided to develop its own hub designs, the Prodigy. It’s now into Version 4 and are one of the lightest readily available hubs in the world.