What do you do when you have created the perfect balance of weight/ aerodynamics/ stiffness and durability? You give it more of everything! The CA6.0, new for the year has been tested for the last 4 years and perfected to yield a faster and more aerodynamic wheelset than the CA5.0.

23mm wide and 25mm at the widest point, with the FOILX profile that has a blunt nose, the CA6.0 is best suited for flat courses that are fast. Perfect for the triathlete or time trialist looking for a racing/ training wheel that can do anything and everything on mostly flat roads. Stable in cross-winds, fast down the straight, stiff around corners.

The aluminium braking surface gives braking surety and predictability. The alloy + carbon construction allows for a reduction of weight and increase in durability.

If breaking away is your forte, or time trialing is your calling these are the wheels for you.

A host of new features adorn this wheelset, namely a completely new rim shape with the FOILX profile, a new aluminium alloy extrusion that is optimised for the bonding of the carbon fairing, new layup to reduce the weight of the rim and to allow the use of a UD finish in a rounded profile, something not even big wheel brands are able to achieve as most wheels of this construction are in 3K. The new shaped rims allow for a better and smoother transition with clincher tyres. It also creates a smoother ride as tyres can be run at lower pressures. The wider rim improves airflow between the tyre and rim junction and the flared rim improves laminar flow reducing separation and thus reducing aerodynamic drag. FOILX  increases the stability of the wheels in crosswinds and reduces the aerodynamic drag of the wheel at greater yaw angles by equalising the ‘head’ and ‘tail’ of the profile. As side winds hit the curved and foil shaped sidewalls, it does not push on it causing the rim to deflect but rather moves gradually around the surface.

The placement of nipples at the aluminium section alloys for a higher spoke tension and increase in stiffness for all those out of saddle efforts yet allows for a much lighter rim.

Built stiff, durable and aerodynamic, these are a perfect alternative to the full carbon clinchers if light weight wasn’t a priority.

The new R17 hubset features a new preloaded rear hub axle which is 17mm in diameter. The increase in diameter not only increases the torsional stiffness of the rear wheel, but at 17mm is one of the biggest rear axles for road bikes in the market. The 17mm axle doesn’t only mean it is stiffer, but it also means bigger bearings that are more durable, and spin smoother/ faster. The entire rear hub has been refined, using a ‘through axle’ pre-loaded on one side. Rear NDS flange has been increased in thickness to provide more support for the J-bend spokes again reducing twisting and premature fatigue. All new rubber seals are included for both the front and rear wheels to increase bearing life, something not seen at all in many hubs.

The wheels continue to use only 1 spoke length for the entire wheelbuild which makes self and off-site servicing simpler. The SOUL R-17 hubs feature a smoother freewheel design with 3 pawls , 48 teeth ratchet and 2 sealed bearings front and 4 sealed bearings rear. The 48 teeth ratchet where normally only 24 are used increases engagement speed to 7.5deg.  Fully artisan crafted and handbuilt with equal spoke tensions. Spoke threads are prepared before assembly to prevent spoke binding and seizing. All spokes are stress relieved a few times during build process.


  • Rim: Unidirectional carbon weave with ‘ghosted graphics’ with FOILX profile mechanically bonded to 6061 T6 Alloy rims. Machined braking surface with wear indicator.
  • Rim Width/ Depth: 23mm (25mm max width)/ 55mm
  • Bearings: Enduro High Grade Stainless Steel sealed bearings.
  • Hubs: SOUL Prodigy R17 hubs, 2 sealed bearings front + 4 sealed bearings rear. 11sp Campagnolo and Shimano/ SRAM cassette compatible available.
  • Spokes: Double Butted and bladed 2.3mm X5 CrNi stainless steel spokes. 18 radial laced front + 24 2 x cross driveside, radial non-driveside rear.
  • Nipples: Brass Rear DS, Aluminium (Black) internal
  • Skewers: 90g Lightweight Hollow Chromoly Axle (included)
  • Weight: 785g (Front) 945g (Rear), 1,730kg pair (weight without skewers)
  • Weight Limit: 95kg/ 210lbs


Here are some comparisons of our wheels:

Brand/ Model Width/ Depth Spoke Weight
Soul/ CA5.0 23(25)/55mm 18/24 1730g
HED/ Jet 4 + 25(25)/60mm 18/24 1730g
Giant/ P-SLR 1 23/55mm 16/20 1800g
Mavic/ CXR60 21/60mm 16/20 1825g


Available Customisations:

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings- SGD120/ USD100 (1 set)

Coloured endcaps (Blue/ Red/ Silver)- SGD30/ USD25 (1 set)

Coloured nipples (Blue/ Red/ Silver/ Gold/ Pink)– SGD30/ USD25 (1set)

Coloured hubs (Blue/ Red/ Silver/ White)- SGD37/ USD30 (note: Coloured hubs only available in 20/24)



Price for pickup in SINGAPORE: SGD$1300/ USD950/ pair

Total Price with Shipping to USA/ EU/ CAN (2 weeks): USD1060/ pair

Total Price with Shipping to AUS/ ASIA (1 1/2 weeks):  USD1040/ pair


Our customers also normally purchase the following:

Lightweight Titanium Skewers- SGD45/ USD35 (1 pair)

Lightweight Rimplugs- SGD25/ USD20 (50pc)

Innertubes- SGD6/ USD5 (48mm valve 1pc)

SOUL Training Tyres- SGD37/ USD30 (1 pc)


Send us an e-mail at and inform us of the following:

– Model Name

– Freehub compatibility (Shimano/ Sram or Campagnolo)

– Quantity

– Location

– Customisations (if any)

– Accesories (if any)

– Paypal account e-mail (for us to send you an invoice)