We have been in the business of bicycle wheels for 8 years now. Naturally we have many many wheelsets out there and we continue to offer support for these wheels regardless of age. Here is a list of charges for servicing the wheels that you have that are outside of our warranty period or not covered by it:

  1. Truing- USD12/pc (USD24/pr)
  2. Rim Replacement- USD100/pc (Aluminium), USD400/pc (Carbon)
  3. Spokes- USD2/pc.
  4. Ceramic bearing upgrade- USD120/set (F + B)
  5. Freehub replacement- USD35/pc
  6. QR replacement- USD20/pr
  7. Replacement decals- USD20/set (8pc)

If there are other services required, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail for a quotation. Note prices above do not include postage.