Wheel Care for Prodigy V3 Hubs

Hub endcap assembly/ disassembly.

We are very practical in the assembly and construction of our products. Your hub endcaps have been tightened as hard as possible without actually stripping the hex/ allenkey hole. We can give you the expected numbers but in reality that is how they are done during assembly. The front hub requires 2pc of 5mm allenkeys on each side. A 6mm allenkey is used inside the axle to hold it in place after one endcap is removed.

Rear hub requires the same 2pc of 5mm allenkeys on each side. The axle is then held with a 10mm allenkey inside. Quick release is again tightened as hard as possible, because remember, if you can tighten it, you need to be able to open it eventually.

Brake Pads for Tubular Wheelsets

We only recommend the usage of our supplied ceramic embedded pads for our carbon rims. They are designed to limit the increase of temperature during prolonged braking. The pads are also compatible with alloy rims, although they wear relatively fast if used on aluminium. We do not recommend swiss stop yellow pads due to the excessive increase in temperature during braking with these pads.


Please check all brakepads after use on aluminium braking surfaces for embedded aluminium shards that will damage your carbon rims.

Care and Cleaning of carbon rims

Acetone or alcohol can be used to clean your rims. Otherwise, soap and water will work remarkably well. Carbon rims are made with a matrix of epoxy and carbon fiber, so any product that will not weaken or damage these can be used. Do not use any levers or metal based tools to remove tyres from rims, and we recommend using tubular glue specific solvents to remove any residue.