Bargain Wheels



This section of our site deals with all the many wheels we have lying around our shop. The wheels are mostly prototypes that never made it to production for one reason or another. They are new unless otherwise stated. They are sold as-is and without decals unless otherwise requested.

The wheels will come standard with Prodigy hubs that are black with red endcaps, or what we have in stock.

25mm Alloy

These were our first attempt at our S2.0 wide wheels. We also used these as clydesdale wheel builds as they are so strong, they can be used for light touring. We strongly recommend these wheels if you are after a wide rim that you can use for training, or you are unsure of the benefits of a wide rim and want to try them out first before going to one of our standard wheels. We have about 10pairs of these left from the prototyping phase. Come and enjoy the savings of a all round alloy rim at an unbeatable price. For a sub 1.5kg wheelset at this price it’s going to be hard to beat.

  • Rim: SOUL Prototype 2.0
  • Rim Width/ Depth: 24mm / 25mm
  • Bearings: Japanese High Grade Stainless Steel sealed bearings.
  • Hubs: SOUL Prodigy V3 hubs, 2 sealed bearings front + 4 sealed bearings rear. Campagnolo and Shimano/ SRAM cassette compatible available.
  • Spokes: Double Butted and bladed 2.3mm stainless steel spokes. 20 radial laced front + 24 2 x cross driveside, radial non-driveside rear.
  • Nipples: Brass Rear DS, Aluminium (Black)
  • Skewers: 90g Lightweight Hollow Chromoly Axle (included)
  • Weight: 670g (Front) 825g (Rear), 1,495kg pair (weight without skewers)
  • Weight Limit: 110kg/ 240lbs
  • NOTE: Rims may/ may not come with black hardened anodised braking surfaces depending on stock availability. The anodising is not permanent but rubs off to a consist silver finish (like or standard rims) after a couple of rides.
  • PRICE:

    Price for pickup in SINGAPORE: SGD$400/ USD330/ pair

    Total Price with Shipping to USA/ EU/ CAN (2 weeks): USD410/ pair

    Total Price with Shipping to AUS/ ASIA (1 1/2 weeks):  USD390/ pair


Available Customisations:

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings- SGD120/ USD100 (1 set)

Decals- SGD25/ USD20 (1 set)

Coloured endcaps (Blue/ Black/ Silver)- SGD30/ USD25 (1 set)

Coloured nipples (Blue/ Red/ Silver/ Gold/ Pink)– SGD30/ USD25 (1set)

Coloured hubs (Blue/ Red/ Silver/ White)- SGD37/ USD30



Our customers also normally purchase the following:

Lightweight Titanium Skewers- SGD45/ USD35 (1 pair)

Lightweight Rimplugs- SGD25/ USD20 (50pc)

Innertubes- SGD6/ USD5 (48mm valve 1pc)

SOUL Training Tyres- SGD37/ USD30 (1 pc)


Send us an e-mail at and inform us of the following:

– Model Name

– Freehub compatibility (Shimano/ Sram or Campagnolo)

– Quantity

– Location

– Customisations (if any)

– Accesories (if any)

– Paypal account e-mail (for us to send you an invoice) for overseas orders. Local orders will be charged during pickup.