The C5.0T have been lightened even further for 2013. They are now at a paltry 1235g/ pair, making them one of the lightest traditionally built wheelsets straight out of the box.  The wheels retain a 22mm width making them optimised for 22mm wide tubular tyres, creating a smooth transition with most tubular racing tyres. C5.0Ts are also now UCI approved and on the list of approved wheels, having passed all crash tests with flying colours. This makes the wheels not only light, but stiff and durable.

These wheels are built for speed. At their rim depth and shape, these are ideally suited to fast rides and races as they hold high speeds easily due to their aerodynamic qualities. Spinup is also quick because of the lightweight rims which reduce rotational weight. These are the best choice of  wheelset for road racing and triathlons where a mix of lightweight and aerodynamics are essential for winning.

Our Prodigy wheels feature our own SOUL PRODIGY hubs which weight 270g/pair, and use only 1 spoke length for the entire wheelbuild. The SOUL hubs feature a smoother freewheel design with 2 sets of 3 simultaneously engaging pawls and 2 sealed bearings front and 4 sealed bearings rear.

Fully artisan crafted and handbuilt with equal spoke tensions. Spoke threads are prepared before assembly to prevent spoke binding and seizing. All spokes are stress relieved a few times during build process. This is the ultimate wheelset if pure speed is the goal.


  • Rim: Unidirectional high TG carbon weave with ‘ghosted graphics’ with FOILX profile.
  • Rim Width/ Depth: 22mm/ 51mm
  • Bearings: Japanese High Grade Stainless Steel sealed bearings.
  • Hubs: SOUL Prodigy V3 hubs, 2 sealed bearings front + 4 sealed bearings rear. Campagnolo and Shimano/ SRAM cassette compatible available.
  • Spokes: Double Butted and bladed 2.3mm X5 CrNi stainless steel spokes. 18 radial laced front + 24 2 x cross driveside, radial non-driveside rear.
  • Nipples: Brass Rear DS, Aluminium (Black)
  • Skewers: 90g Lightweight Hollow Chromoly Axle (included)
  • Weight: 545g (Front) 690g (Rear), 1,235kg pair (weight without skewers)
  • Weight Limit: 95kg/ 210lbs


Here are some comparisons of our wheels:

Brand/ Model Width/ Depth Spoke Weight
Soul/ C5.0T 22/51mm 18/24 1235g
Zipp/ 303 FC T 26(29)/45mm 16/20 1255g
Enve/2.45T 21/45 mm 20/24 1248g
Reynolds/ 46 20/46mm 20/24 1200g


Available Customisations:

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings- SGD120/ USD100 (1 set)

Coloured endcaps (Blue/ Red/ Silver)- SGD30/ USD25 (1 set)

Coloured nipples (Blue/ Red/ Silver/ Gold/ Pink)– SGD30/ USD25 (1set)

Coloured hubs (Blue/ Red/ Silver/ White)- SGD37/ USD30 (note: Coloured hubs only available in 20/24)



Price for pickup in SINGAPORE: SGD$1550/ USD1250/ pair

Total Price with Shipping to USA/ EU/ CAN (2 weeks): USD1330/ pair

Total Price with Shipping to AUS/ ASIA (1 1/2 weeks):  USD1310/ pair


Our customers also normally purchase the following:

Lightweight Titanium Skewers- SGD45/ USD35 (1 pair)

Lightweight Rimplugs- SGD25/ USD20 (50pc)

Innertubes- SGD6/ USD5 (48mm valve 1pc)

SOUL Training Tyres- SGD37/ USD30 (1 pc)


Send us an e-mail at sales@bikesoul.com and inform us of the following:

– Model Name

– Freehub compatibility (Shimano/ Sram or Campagnolo)

– Quantity

– Location

– Customisations (if any)

– Accesories (if any)

– Paypal account e-mail (for us to send you an invoice)