M2.0 Pair

M2.0 Pair

Showing a pair of wheels

M2.0 Front

M2.0 Front

Showing front wheel with 20 spokes

M2.0 Rear

M2.0 Rear

Showing a rear wheel with 24 spokes

Showing a pair of wheelsShowing front wheel with 20 spokesShowing a rear wheel with 24 spokes


2012 saw our first serious foray into mountain bike wheelsets. Shown is a wheelset that is still under development but you can see the direction we are headed. Once the wheels are ready for primetime, we will release further information, in the meantime it’s time to ride our bikes.


  • Rim: 6061 T6 Alloy rims with eyelets.
  • Rim Width/ Depth: 24mm/ 20mm
  • Bearings: Japanese High Grade Stainless Steel sealed bearings.
  • Hubs: SOUL MTB hubset, 2 sealed bearings front + 4 sealed bearings rear. Shimano/ SRAM cassette compatible available.
  • Spokes: Bladed 4.5mm X5 CrNi stainless steel spokes. 20 2 x cross laced front + 24 2 x cross rear.
  • Nipples: Brass Rear DS, Aluminium (Black)
  • Skewers: 90g Lightweight Hollow Chromoly Axle (included)
  • Weight: 810g (Front) 930g (Rear), 1,740kg pair (weight without skewers)
  • Weight Limit: 95kg/ 210lbs


Here are some comparisons of our wheels:


Available Customisations:




Price for pickup in SINGAPORE: SGD$550/ USD450/ pair

Total Price with Shipping to USA/ EU/ CAN (2 weeks): USD530/ pair

Total Price with Shipping to AUS/ ASIA (1 1/2 weeks):  USD510/ pair


Currently not available