Spoke Tensions

All our wheels are hand built by craftmen with many hours and years of wheel-building experience and knowledge. None of our wheels are machined built, as it is almost impossible to do so with the components that we specify as the tolerances are very small. Spoke tensions for our wheels are 100kg/f Front, 135kg/f Rear drive side.

Important: Despite having serviced many wheelsets, not all bicycle shops and mechanics are experienced in the handling of low spoke count wheels. These are different to traditional and high spoke count wheels, and as such, only mechanics with the relevant experience should handle such repairs.


All our rims are rated to a maximum of 125psi. This will ensure that tires do not go beyond their maximum pressure during increased temperature while braking and during hotter days. Although our tubular rims are tested to beyond 160psi, it does not mean that we recommend such high pressures as we do believe that ride quality suffers at such a high pressure.

Rim Tape for Clincher Rims

All our aluminium rims require rimtapes or rimplugs. These are not supplied with the wheels but are sold separately . Please specify these during the buying process. We do not recommend heavy cotton/ cloth rimtapes as they increase the inner diameter of the rims and make the mounting of tyres very difficult.

Freehub and hub maintenance

Periodically, the freehub should be removed and the pawls and internals should be cleaned. After thorough cleaning, the spring/ pawls should be oiled with a heavy oil (similar to an engine oil or “mobile one”). Do not use grease as it clogs up the pawls. Before reassembly, all seals and endcaps should be greased to increase the water-proofing of the hub assembly. Take note of the washer between the bearings on the freehub and the hub body during re-assembly. ¬†All bearings are sealed hence there is no need for servicing. Bearing life vary based on usage and weather conditions so we recommend replacing them once they feel gritty/ rough spinning in your hands.