Warranty + FAQ

4. Where are your wheelsets made?

All our wheelset components are made in different parts of Asia, mostly Taiwan and China. We use mostly our own molds for our rims and open molds for spokes but we specify finishes and technical specifications for them including finishes and material choice.

We designed, developed, tested and own the molds and toolings for our SOUL PRODIGY hubs and rims and are made exclusively for us. This is something that differentiate our wheelsets from the rest. SOUL hubs are into it’s fourth generation as we strive to perfect the hubs for our wheelsets further each year.

All soul wheelsets are hand assembled. Each spoke, rim and nipple is prepped before assembly. During the build process, each spoke is stress relieved, pre-stretched and bedded a minimum of 3 times. This is to ensure a durable build and is what sets us apart from most wheelsets coming direct from Taiwan. Each spoke is also checked for tension and a deviation of 10% (normally only around 5%) is accepted for our wheels. All our wheels are built to approx 0.2-0.4mm trueness. We cannot guarantee the roundness of the wheelsets though as most of the rims that we specify are slightly imperfect around the rim joint and we prefer to have our wheels with equal spoke tension as opposed to roundness. In most cases we try to get our wheelsets approx within 1mm in roundness without sacrificing spoke tension eveness.

 5. Where are your frames made?

All our frames are again sub-contracted to frame builders in Taiwan and China. Unlike many other brands, we design, draw, specify, test and even refinish all the frames that we sell. We do not use any open molds or jigs for our frames and you will not be able to find a similar frame from any factory.

6. How do I order a wheelset/ frameset/ component?

First thing to do is to check whether there is a local distributor for our products. The way that our business is set up, we have direct sales to countries where there are no distributors but we support our distributors as much as possible. You can check our local distributors list here. E-mail us if you are ordering directly and advise which model you are interested in. If we have wheels ready to ship, we will send you an e-mail confirmation and will request for your paypal account e-mail. Once the e-mail is received, we will send you an invoice via paypal. Upon payment, we will have the items shipped out either from our Taiwan or Singapore office, depending on where the items are located.