Warranty + FAQ

7. How long will the ordering process take?

Short answer is it depends. We are a small operation, and are relatively nimble. We stock most wheel models most of the time, but sometimes, wheels are back ordered or our of stock. If wheels are in stock, we ship them out immediately. If they are back-ordered we will advise the time needed for them to be ready, normal wait time is around 2-4 weeks. We do not charge you before the wheels are ready to ship, but require that you confirm the order, and honor the decision once they are done.

8. I “forgot” that I confirmed the order and do not wish to proceed with it, can I just ignore it?

NOT COOL! We generally believe in people’s integrity, so please inform us of your cancellation before your wheels are ready or better still, do not confirm your order before you are certain of waiting it out. We do not like to charge for items that are not ready to ship, and many people have certainly not picked up their wheelsets once they are completed. Sometimes it is an issue, especially for custom coloured wheels. We will continue not charging a deposit because we wish to hold to our ideals, but do hope that everyone does the same.

9. What happens when we order wheels which are not in stock or are customised?

Part of our business are creating custom wheel builds. This includes custom colours, specifications and material choice. If custom orders are received or wheels are not in stock, we put your order on a wait/ build list. At one point, this list can stretch out to 2-4 weeks, and you will be advised of this when you first place your order. Due to the nature of customised orders, sometimes it may drag out to further, but do note once your order is received, we try our hardest to get them ready as fast as possible.

10. How do we track our wheel orders?

Please note that we do not provide tracking numbers unless they are requested. This is because we try to streamline our work process as much as possible and only use tracking numbers in case orders go missing. However, if you would like to see where your wheels are, please contact us and we will provide you with tracking information.

11. Do you have a crash replacement policy?

Yes. If wheels are damaged during a crash, you can send the hubs (dismantled from the rims and spokes), and we will relace it to a new rim with new spokes for the following charge. USD100/pc for aluminium rims and USD350/pc for carbon rims.

12. Why do you not have a shopping cart?

That’s because we still prefer some form of interaction with our customers so that we can guide them towards the right products or give advise before purchase. We are also a small business and do not handle that many purchases in the day for us not to be able to deal directly with our customers.