Taipei Bike Show 2014

Well its a new year and we are hard at work designing and showcasing some of our new products and ideas. Here is a sneak peak at some future releases, some not so future releases and all the wheels that we offer.


Our total lineup and booth at the show

Booth 3

Our carbon wheel range

Booth 2

Our alloy wheel range


The new CA range of wheels finally ready for production after 2 years. The CA6.0 shown here with white decals as option 1.73kg/pair


The CA5.o with ghosted graphics. 1.64kg/pair.


The new S4.0 now with foilX and a wider 23mm rim. Now even lighter at 1.665kg.


Our top of the line C6.0 coming to a racing team near you.

Hub prototype

Our new V4 hub set codenamed R17 ready for testing. Featuring a 48 teeth ratchet and 17mm axle. Expected production weight at 190g.